They take your trip from brilliant to unforgettable. They are students, teachers, white-collar-workers, some reality-averse and many full time explorers. They are bar workers, your drinking pals, new best friends and second hand tour guides. They have grown up on the other side of the world and you’ve met them somewhere in the middle. You don’t necessarily speak the same language but you don’t really need to. You have nothing and everything in common; brought together by a passion for broader horizons that took precedence over all else when you said goodbye to your friends and family.

They’re the ones you meet along the way. The ones who spontaneously come into your life and inspire you, challenge you, motivate you. Your paths cross and they manage to shape or even change yours, whether you realise immediately or not.

We believe these people need to be celebrated and documented, so we’re introducing you to the ones we meet along the way… just in case they inspire you too.


THe adventure seeking swim teacher


Name: Adam Knight

Age: 24

Occupation: Swim Teacher

Nationality / Place of birth: London, England

Living in: Wherever my backpack hits the ground.

Countries visited: Tanzania, Kenya, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand 

Favourite place: Tad Tayicseua, Bolaven Plateau, Southern Laos. 

Travel/Adventure highlight: Without a doubt our boat trip on Koh Rong- a paradise island just off the coast of Cambodia. We snorkelled crystal clear coral reefs, caught parrot fish & snapper for dinner, swam with bioluminescent plankton at midnight, played beersbi (the greatest beach-based drinking game known to man), ate papaya, mango and passion fruit for breakfast every morning and banana/nutella crepes every night! Bliss.

Next on bucket list: Bali

If I wasn’t here I’d be in: India

If I wasn’t a swim teacher I’d be: Running a charity or a children’s sport programme. I find my current job so rewarding because I see my children progress week on week because of the guidance I give them. Sport builds a unique kind of confidence that transcends into every other aspect of an individuals life, promotes a strong work ethic and forms life-long friendships.What more do you need!?

Best advice: Surrender. before you are victorious in a country that is not your own you must surrender. A little cryptic I know, but you will find yourself in situations where you are out of your comfort zone, you might have to put your trust in a complete stranger and/or might not have a damn clue what is going on! In these situations, take a deep breath, relax, embrace the moment and surrender - it will all work out in the end, trust me.


I met Adam on a steamy hot afternoon at Sunflower Hostel, Hoi An, Vietnam.  A typical wet season day where the monsoon comes roaring in, the sky turns black and we all end up in the bar.

“I’ve got to teach the kids tomorrow” I overhead him say. This sparked my motivation to find out more about his story.

“I’m from London and I’m out here volunteering as a swim teacher for a children’s charity”, he explains in his typically enthusiastic energy. Oh, to be a kid at his swim school! You can’t help but feel inspired to unleash your inner humanitarian around Adam. His charisma and passion for life in general is contagious.

In July 2015 Adam came out to Vietnam for 5 weeks teaching Vietnamese children to swim and caught the travelling bug. On his return to London Adam decided it was time to pack up shop and embark on a two-year journey that will see him visit Bali, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and South America. Prior to Adam’s journey into travel he studied English Literature at the University of Southampton but had been a swimming teacher since the age of 16. After graduating Adam secured some funding from his University to start a swim academy in London.

He now runs a travel blog called “Into the Blue Travel” which highlights the best and worst of every place he visits and most importantly the best ways to save money! His website reflects his personality and involves the very best of outdoor, adventure and water sport activities by day and the best bars and clubs by night!

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