Insiders Guide To Melbourne With Pearls of Style

Insiders Guide To Melbourne With Pearls of Style

Tell me a bit about Melbourne? What should one expect upon visiting?

I’m so happy to call myself a Melbournite. Having spent a great deal of time living in London, I love the parallels I can draw between the two.  It’s cultural and cosmopolitan, the food scene is amazing, the people are friendly, the vibe is chill, the fashion is fantastic (that goes without saying) and it has the most beautiful seasons – the burning autumn leaves are my favourite.

What do you love most about Melbourne?

That is a tough one. Probably just the overall vibe it exudes. It makes me happy and grateful to live here.

What does an average Saturday in Melbourne look like for Pearls of Style?

I’m based in South Yarra so if I haven’t been out too late the night before [whoops!] I’ll go for a walk in the gardens or by the river, then pick up a croissant to munch in the sun whilst doing some writing for Pearls of Style. I also tend to hijack everyone’s cute dogs as they wander by… What can I say, I’m a furry animal lover! A trip to the markets is usually involved at some point to stock up on groceries (most often South Melbourne) and then I’ll likely catch up with friends for dinner, drinks or both!

Where are your favourite boutiques/ shops?

I must say I do love a cheeky visit to the big department stores in Bourke St Mall. They just offer so much choice, particularly in the designer handbag department!... Other than that, I love walking the little city laneways to find undiscovered gems…

Where is your favourite brunch spot?

Entrecote on Domain Road in South Yarra. It’s an amazing little French café that does all day service – just like in France! Their golden folded eggs are my absolute favourite. Make sure you order them.

Where can we find the best pizza?

Fratellinos in Prahran.

What’s your favourite day out in the summer?

Packing a picnic and heading to The Pillars at Mount Martha.

What else should we know (secret spots/ hidden gems)?

There is the most perfect city lookout on the south side of the river near the Arts Centre. If you take the set of stairs leading off St Kilda Road up and around the back you’ll find yourself in a courtyard balcony that overlooks the entire CBD. It’s breathtaking at night-time. Also, hot tip, it’s actually legal to drink in the Botanical Gardens; making it the perfect picnic spot!

soundcloud: Euro Summer Seventeen Playlist

soundcloud: Euro Summer Seventeen Playlist