Heaven In The Hot Springs

Heaven In The Hot Springs


This place is ultimate tranquility, from the moment we walked in, the energy felt as though we had stepped into a cove of pure relaxation. We were booked into the Breakfast & Bathe Package in the Spa Dream Centre, an adults only area that is a bit more secluded and quiet than the Bath House. We were given our robes and once changed we were escorted into the most beautiful cafe, that didn't feel anything like a traditional cafe at all. It was as though we were eating in a Yoga Shala up in the Himalayas, unfortunately I'm yet to visit but I imagine it would be of a similar ambiance to this. The staff we were greeted by seemed as though they were living on a 24/7 yoga retreat, oozing vibes of calm and serenity.

The Peninsula Hot Springs is the first hot springs day spa centre in Victoria, just 90 minutes from Melbourne. The pools are filled with natural thermal mineral waters that flow into the baths from the ground. This award-winning coastal oasis provides the most idyllic setting for a weekend of pure relaxation and rejuvenation, and was the perfect ending to our girls trip to the Mornington Penninsula.

Breakfast & Bathe Package

The package included breakfast served in the Spa Dreaming Centre Cafe, tea and coffee, towel, robe, locker hire and access to all pools in the Spa Dreaming Centre, which is much less crowded than the Bath House. 

What we ordered: 

  • Vegetarian breakfast which included scrambled eggs, spinach, mushrooms & roasted tomatoes
  •  Vegetarian Omelette
  • Cappuchio
  • Cleansing Juice

Spa Dreaming Centre

Spa Dreaming Centre is reserved for guests 16 years and over, and features more quiet and tranquil pools with an array of pampering spa treatments to revitalise mind, body and spirit. Yes please! This place is everything! If you've been a follower of Two Birds Travel from it's early inception you would know that Lizzie and I have a huge love for all things yoga, wellness and tranquility, so you can imagine I was in my element. Some of the treatments include Australian Aboriginal-inspired kodo full body massages, facials, mud and salt wraps and ancient healing stone experiences... need I say more.. 

Bath House

Bath House features over 20 bathe pools including a cave pool, reflexology walk, steam baths, cold plunge pools, family bathing area, massage thermal mineral showers and a hill top pool overlooking the stunning landscapes of the Mornington Peninsula. Book in on a weekday though, as we went on a Sunday and this area is particularly busy with families and groups of friends. I much preferred the Spa Dreaming Centre as it's more quiet and chilled out. 

Book your visit to the Peninsula Hot Springs here.

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