Editor in Chief 


Growing up in Australia's Sunshine State,  Lizzie was blessed with an innate inability to sit still. After backpacking through Europe and exploring the US while completing a semester abroad in California, her wanderlust took hold. Lizzie moved to London at the age of 24 with a dual degree in Journalism and Business, where she managed global consumer PR campaigns for as long as she could stand working in an office (not very long).

Her passion for people and love of a good line has landed her words in the likes of Huffington Post and Lifestyle YOU. A sun-lover at heart, Lizzie owns enough swimsuits to fill a suitcase and would rather risk getting lost than refer to a map - especially if it means more tan time. She is embarrassingly undomesticated unless it involves chocolate and regularly scrapes crunchy peanut butter out of the jar. 

Travel highlight

Living in a van for two months chasing surf along the coastlines of Spain, Portugal, Morocco and France. 

On the hit-list

Scandinavia, South-East Asia, India & South America.  

in-between two birds travelling

Lizzie currently lives in Amsterdam working as a freelance travel writer for Time Out & The Daily Express, see more about her work here.






Creative Director 


Travelling solo for the first time at the age of 12, Amy is long-time citizen of the world and has the passport stamps to prove it. After living between Singapore and Australia - mostly the latter - for 13 years, Amy decided to set up camp in the ever-inspiring city of London where she finessed her photography skills and developed a dexterity for creating digital online content through her role in e-commerce. 

A self-confessed coffee snob, when Amy isn't practicing Iyengar Yoga she can be found street-wandering with a Canon DSLR slung over her shoulder or hunting down the hit-list of food spots she has researched for whatever city she is in. She has been known to get lost in documentaries for hours at a time and loves singing to a good tune, even when she doesn't know the words. 

Travel highlight

Travelling (and eating) her way through Italy for 3 weeks, skiing in Switzerland & sun-baking in the Greek Islands. 

On the hit-list

Nepal, Sri Lanka, Canada, Turkey & Borneo.


Amy currently lives in Brisbane, Australia creating travel brochures and shooting content for travel publications, see more of her
work here.