"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions" - Oliver Wendell Holmes


One Spring afternoon in London, two excitable and over-caffeinated Australians decided to embark on a new venture. Both temporary expats, the girls had been lapping up the city's buzzing lifestyle while exploring as much of Europe as they could afford to, and wanted to ensure these adventures stayed forever fresh in their memories. 

After a sun-filled and snap-happy trip to Spain in the summer to follow. Lizzie remained London-based and explored the likes of Scandinavia, Scotland, Italy and America while Amy ventured to the likes of Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia during a three month stint in South-East Asia. 

What started as digital documentation of the girls' experiences soon became something more. The place created for their own passion of travel grew to encourage others with an inherent sense of curiosity to seek mind-opening experiences and explore the world. 

Two Birds Travel is the brainchild of Amy Wren and Lizzie Mulherin. Launched in July 2015, it has become a digital hub for adventure-hungry men and women who want to know what is beyond their immediate horizon. With an-ever growing global community the girls hope to continue spreading their lust for wandering through new territories and inspire travel-lovers, story-seekers and restless wanderers. 

To learn more about Lizzie and Amy, you can meet the girls here